American Carnage

_While giving my best efforts to embrace every moment, my time in the United States had to come to an end, with Australia calling me back home! I can sincerely say that it was one of the most influential experiences of my life. Having been based in Chicago for 5 months of the time, I was continually amazed with the poise of this metropolis city, as well as the inspiring, experienced minds of my college professors, whom I learnt a great deal of knowledge from. Mostly, I learnt a real in-depth understanding of the history of America and the cultures and patriotism that spans across the US.

It was a particularly incredible experience for me, as I arrived in Chicago during a truly chaotic time, that took the world by surprise. The impossible became possible. A political event that shook the nation and stenciled itself into the history books for existence to come. What can only be described as ‘American Carnage’, the 45th US inauguration of republican, Donald Trump, set flames to US democratic society.

“WINTER ON FIRE” - Chicago Tribune, Jan 2018

Having arrived on Boxing Day, I was thrown into a fierce whirlwind, with temperatures as low as -24 (+wind chill). Despite the arctic cold, the inner journo came out in me as I signed up to protests, and followed all of the nonconformity movement on Twitter, photographing the sheer battle for democracy on the icy streets of Chicago! Screams of ‘facism!’ flooded the windy city, as democrats put their bodies on line to fight for America’s freedom. On the other end, the South Side violence escalated in and around Hyde Park - where Obama grew up and rose to presidency as the first Black African American US President.

Witnessing Barack Obama deliver his farewell speech in a packed out McCormick Place (Americas largest convention centre) was something I’ll never forget. Watching a sea of freezing Americans shed pure emotion for someone who made a tremendous impact on America, was really something.

Overall, my time in the US was a collaborative measure of discovery, learning and introspection, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I’m sad it had to come to an end.

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